Oil & Gas - Downstream


TR Engineering Consultancy LLC provides Detailed Design services to the downstream oil and gas industry. We have a set of competent professionals to provide world class engineering backed up by the vast experience of the Tecnicas Reunidas Group in the field of Refineries.

We can deliver services to the Downstream Oil & Gas projects in the following areas

  • Crude oil distillation.
  • Saturated gas concentration.
  • Amine treatment.
  • Sulphur recovery.
  • Gasoline treatment.
  • LPG treatment.
  • Hydrotreating and fractionating of naphtha.
  • Kerosene treatment.
  • Desulfurizers.
  • Gas oil hydrotreatment.
  • Acid water treatment.

We also provide Design and Engineering services related to Off Sites and Utilities and Oil Pipelines.

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